Miss Woods timeless collections are produced in the south of Italy, a short distance from the Amalfi Coast.

The leather used in their products has been prepared in the world's most renowned tanneries through the centuries of refining of their tradition by the highly esteemed Italian leather craftsmen, that abide to the strict standards to ensure the production of the finest leather in the world. Using methods, that have been passed through generations, their craftsmen use a long complicated process of vegetable tanning with artisan techniques and new technology to create a luxury leather to achieve the highest quality of the product.

The tanning method is overseen by control where skins move from specialist to specialist to receive the best possible treatment for every part of their process. Once the colour has been achieved, the leather is cut and hand stitched into their beautiful products. Each step of the process is checked for quality to ensure luxurious feel in order to protect the distinctiveness of the ownership.

The final stage of the product is to insert our genuine gold crowns, that have been handmade by our goldsmith. Our Pave pieces are hand crafted with the highest quality precious stones and authenticated. Each individual piece is customised to your bespoke taste and inserted on to our collections. Our products are made from the finest genuine leather that has been ethically sourced and is animal cruelty free, using only natural toxic-free materials. Our gold and precious stones are ethically sourced using the highest stones and other materials.