The project talks about the designer herself as female, the identity of femininity escapes from masculinity; the content is more like self-portrait of a female. Missy divided the research into four parts. According to sages of her growing experience—the first stage is about childhood as a girl to be educated like a “girl”; the second part is about the puberty, which sexual consciousness begins to awaken; then is the stage when girls grow up to be a women and feel being restrained, they have to behave with womanly masquerade; the final part is taking off the mask of the “femininity” and find the essence of myself and to emancipate the “femininity”.

Missy chose the corset as a design subject for this collection. In her in-depth research, she sought after a way to recreate traditional clothing styles in accordance with the contemporary environment. The constant transformation of corsets show how the modern women thinks about female consciousness and the female role. Expressing the concept of this collection, she combined the key design element, the corset, with different clothing styles, for example; by fusing a Victorian corset with a tailoring jacket.

From the previous research to the garment collages, the basic color palette of the whole collection is quite neutral, including ivory, beige or camel tones contrasted by more gloomy dark colours such as black and gray, complemented by bright red adding a pop of color to the collection. She hand-dyed the delicate pure white lace, obtained from Sophie Halette, with plant dye as it didn't conform to the theme. This turned the crisp white lace slightly beige, giving it a more retro style. She was reminded of black tea, and started experimenting with different plants to dye the fabric.