While Mizuki was researching sustainability, she kept encountering the images of waste plastic bottles and how it is damaging the ocean and nature. She felt bad, guilty, and started to change the attitude. She started to bring the water bottle, bring her own biodegradable coffee cup, collect plastic to recycle, and eventually, she stopped buying them. One day, through material experimenting, Mizuki saw a plastic bottle literally in a new light. Sitting next to a window and through the sunlight, suddenly she was fascinated by the cleanliness, transparency and reflection of the plastic: it looked pure. Plastic used to be a good alternative to glass, porcelain, or metal. That day, she came to the conclusion it is not the material itself that is bad, but our lack of responsibility to ensure plastics don’t end up in almost all corners of the world and in all our oceans where the damage is great.

This looking again at waste plastics encouraged her to treat it as a precious material. She aimed to represent lightness, transparency, reflection and refraction of water. After finding out this series can be maximized its property by putting in the air as if it is floating, she focused on the relationship in between body and water surface. She wants the wearer to feel the feeling of water as if they are laying, standing or touching the water. By doing so she wants to bring awareness of appreciation of the clean water.

She aimed to combining traditional jewellery design, techniques and material with waste plastic bottles. This brought to design rings, bangle, neckpiece that can be worn like conventional jewellery. I also wanted to bring attention to the material and how it has been changed from waste material. It also represents the movement of the water and wave.