Molly Baker’s collection was inspired by her love for nature and found motives from zoo visits where she was able to appreciate the conservation work being done. Historical animal displays gave her a further interest in the life and death cycle of animals alongside research into the harms of animal hunting. Through detailed nature and anti-hunting inspired motifs, Molly formed her Womenswear Spring 2020 collection.

Molly initially begun forming designs through collaging and experimenting with her drawings, both on fabric and paper to form combinations and styles which collaborate. During the process of forming prints combining animals, florals and anti-hunting motives, Molly developed her safari theme through colours, motifs and environment. Through experimenting with different fabrics she progressed her collection combining hard-wearing fabrics together with hits of delicate materials to create a practical utility feel for a womenswear influence relevant to her concept. Application of these fabrics led to an influence of both safari and hunting wear.

The collection is unified by its anti-hunting theme, yet each look has a different agenda. From killer huntress to park ranger, the designs represent a fashion approach to campaigning against animal hunting with influence of safari-wear, hunting gear and colonial style. The prints have been utilised to show the beauty of animals and encourage against hunting. Accessories have been used to further the concept and create an identifiable theme throughout.