Wanting to stay true to her own individuality, Molly began her collection inspired by the music she grew up listening to, after watching her dad play in various bands through the ’80s and ’90s. Approaching her collection with the same unforgiving attitude of punk culture, she sought to rebel against gender norms and twist classic styles in a new approach to androgynous fashion.

Throughout the process of designing her menswear range, Molly developed her textiles originally intended for womenswear, combining and experimenting with a mix of hard and soft fabrics with her prints to find a delicate balance between masculine and feminine styles, to find her own strong aesthetic. Exploring, in particular, the way in which women are expected to cover their breasts while men are not, she drew emphasis to this with her illustrative embroidery within her designs. As the collection developed, refocusing this idea for menswear allowed her to play more creatively and innovatively with her pieces, resulting in a softer and more sensitive layer the collection that seeks to abolish expectations of masculinity.

A staple fashion trend of the Punk Rock scene, the classic Dr Martens boot, became a very literal interpretation for Molly. Always looking for new and creative ways to develop personal textiles, the iconic laced boot became a motif in her designs, using the art of Macrame to incorporate intricate lacing into her garments. In her final collection, Molly captured the significance of the known shoe with Trompe L’oeil style prints, boot buckles and Macrame lacing, celebrating the timeless classics of the era with a fresh individual approach.”