Mona Cordes on Brexit and Individuality

Mona Cordes collection is influenced by Clowns and Circus as well as Brexit which comes together as a colour/ pattern madness which is very pleasing to the eye but is rebellious and political at the same time. Her 6 graduate collection looks create a womenswear/ unisex collection that is fully printed. All characters belong to 'Circus Infinity' and have their own names as well as passports which allow them to still freely travel the world. A fuck you to Brexit + a yes welcome to individuality.

Mona is focusing on the loud and boldness of her prints to add volume to them to make even louder, but non intimidating silhouettes. By that she was able to translate textile into garments without losing the raw and intense process of it. She embodies the physical expressions of multi-coloured kaleidoscopic visions.