Mona Matsui’s collection ‘Aie+’ is influenced by events found in her everyday life. Mona wants to create a collection that both used texture and geometric elements. She translates the events and imbues narratives into textiles.

Using collage and hand drawing bring textures. Her colour palette is subtle, the inspiration came from the beauty of the sky. She usually uses gradation colour that express time changing and the beauty of ephemeralness. This can create harmony in the space and the scenery of view. Mona uses the process of digital dye-sublimation in order to print these onto very thin synthetic organza or translucent unwoven textiles because she wants to reflect the subtle change, such as light and movements. She would like to help people notice such natural phenomenon.

This material is combined traditional Japanese paper - washi- with unwoven textiles which are biodegradable. She bonds them to add geometric pattern design which is influenced by traditional Japanese pattern. From the cutting parts, we can see the pattern design when the light comes through. This material is made by sustainable material, and washi is strong and a sheet of this material can has insulation effect which is the same as hanging double curtains in front of windows.