As a final year Fashion Design student specialising in knitwear at De Montfort University, I work predominantly in texture. I feel like this is a huge driver in my work because it motivates me to find new knitting techniques to create interesting silhouettes on the body. I really enjoy researching and building emotive concepts often relating to my family giving my work a sense of personal connection between designer and wearer.

Her work revolves around cherishing discarded garments and recognizing them as materials to make with, thus increasing their lifespan. She uses craft as a method to question her materials and understand them.

Being a student throughout COVID-19 has given me the unique opportunity to explore knitwear beyond the knit machine, looking at more manipulation techniques and hand crafts giving me a wide and consolidated skill set.

I often look to sculpture and art to inform my design to make it new and interesting as opposed to using designer references as a focus. This has led to me thinking of fashion as an art-form as opposed to something that is purely function driven.

Following my upcoming graduation I want to explore the industry as much as possible to feed my learning and expand my capabilities.