Muskaan’s concerns have been influenced by a trip to Venice, where she experienced massive flooding and high tides. The earth is 71% water and this could be prime estate for future generations. There are many cities, which are sinking inch by inch every year because of global temperature and sea level rising. Her work links to future statistics projected for the year 2050, when there will be 'floating cities', in and out of water bodies.  

Her work is based on the story of Venqua who talks about her life in an underwater colony called submersible. She describes how people have adapted a new way of communication through a tactile colour change second skin, Skinsiev. It activates with highs and lows in temperature and responds to its user. Now our language is colour and the key to communication is colour change, Every thought corresponds to an image and a colour. Skinsiev is inspired by the biomimicry of the mysterious crustacean mantis shrimp.

Skinsiev is inspired by the biomimcry of a mantis shrimp. A mantis shrimp is an extraordinary creature which is equipped with 12-16 photoreceptors in its eyes, that means it is able to see millions of colours at once, unlike humans have only 3 photoreceptors in their eyes. Mantis shrimp does multimodal communication through colour change, generating bubbles and by its fast movement underwater. Humans have a lot to adapt from a mantis shrimp, if they have to consider kliving underwater.

Some initial experimentation with varied materials and processes, under the keywords like hard and soft, layering, movement, communication and colours.

Initial experimenation with colour changing textiles.