Living in New York for her placement at year inspired Mya’s collection. Taking the term “Concrete Jungle” literally, Mya imagined what life would be like for a wild animal living in the city. Then, discovering the trend of exotic pets in the 70s solidified the concept, creating embellished pieces through rhinestones and colourful prints.

Fabric development was essential to the process, creating the main fabric for the collection by sewing individual rhinestones onto a net fabric to create a new texture. Research images were also used to make the colour scheme and create silhouettes of some outfits.

To bring in her own style - flat, clearly drawn, and prominent colour - Mya drew her own version of the animal print with the edges of each cheetah patch more rounded and bigger in comparison to the real skin. The ombre background for the print gives the illusion of the skin patches being “empty” in the section where the colour match happens.

The introduction of other animals came to make the supposed “jungle” come to life in the line up. A snake skin was created and yellow added to increase the vibrance of the collection. Feather trim layered on the body complimented the hard texture of the rhinestone fabric, developing a panelled look where the two textures are side by side. Silhouettes were kept simple to demonstrate the large amount of embellishment and print with minimum disruption.