As a creator, Nacho Gamma has always believed in the use of fashion as a medium to express feelings, emotions as well as ideas. In a way which is visually artistic but at the same time it doesn't rest any rawness of life realities. Sometimes the result can be beautiful and other times- painful.

With his graduated collection during the BA in Madrid, Nacho Gamma won the Spanish competition ‘MFSHOW lab by Pandora’, as a result he collaborated with the jewellery brand in order to produce all collection and prepare show. Parting from the millennial handicraft Kintsugi, the designer created the collection called ’Resilience’, which shows the different stages of people's recovery after a trauma and encourage people to decorate their scars and show them off proudly as tribute to resilience.

Nowadays, he is taking MA in fashion womenswear at Royal College of Art, London, where he is taking a more personal approach towards his work and exploring techniques as performances or art installations as a responds to a desire of being involved in the process as much as it is possible in order to create a piece which is really unique and full of soul and a story behind it.