Having grown up in Hertfordshire, Nadine Acquaah, graduated from London College of Fashion in summer 2020 with BA (Hons) in Womenswear Fashion Design: Technology. Nadine’s 10-look virtual graduate collection exhibits striking utilitarian, retro-futuristic style incorporating wearable Technology functions and adjustable elastic detailing. Major influences emanate from the realm of escapism; encapsulating cultural differences from a world where she feels unorthodox.

“I have always felt like I had dressed in an unusual way and had a strong interest in sci-fi and surrealist objects, I aspire to connect to other people who combine an eccentric streak with boldness and also are passionate about science-fiction and fashion”.

The design goal is to attract and entice others to visit her interactive website. She believes that technology is an anchor for our everyday lives and so is fashion, so why don’t we combine the two? Wearable Technology and Virtual Clothing are still niche products in the fashion industry, Nadine aims to change people’s perspectives on the possibilities and potential strengths these garments offer to enhance their lifestyles. She also envisions virtual clothing as a showcase for technological fabrics which promotes innovative designs and facilitates a more immersive experience when consuming fashion.


Nadine’s collection is set in the future - 2077, where Mars tourism is affordable and commonplace. The muse is a Botanist working for NASA, whose daily activities embrace travelling on the surface on Mars to various habitat’s where specialist vegetation and food crops are being trialled. She needs protective and thermal clothing to survive the harsh conditions on the Martian surface, using wearable technology, highly protective fabrics such as Teflon and waterproof seam sealing tapes. The influences for this collection originate from retro spacesuit design, extreme weather survival clothing and compression sportswear. The colours in the collection are inspired by the Martian surface which includes ... Nadine’s ambition for the collection is to prepare for the future colonisation of Mars, to survive, to be functionable, to be adaptable and to also prototype technologies which are transferable to use in Earth’s harsh environments.

These compression sportswear outfits encourage blood flow of the muscles. Under microgravity conditions in space, this is important because it prevents the loss of muscle and bone density. The fabrics used are specially adapted for maximum breathability, sweat wicking ,as well as, thermal properties used in the living pods. The technology used in these garments include body temperature and heartbeat sensors to monitor fitness levels.

This spacesuit consists of thick multi-layered jacket and thermal puffer trousers. It features temperature sensors to warn the wearer of extreme cold temperatures to initiate body warming technology, CO2 filter and LED lights. This outfit should protect my muse from the harsh environment on the Mars surface when she is travelling.