Naima Elbouihi’s design process was heavily inspired by her travels to Marrakech, Morocco. Her main focus was to depict her OCD and intrusive thoughts in a playful abstract manner. Her colour palette was inspired by the synthetic objects. She discovered in the Medina’s of Marrakech. She incorporated these hues as she believed this depicted her intrusive thoughts, and created a juxtaposition between the vibrancy of Morocco and the distortion of her thoughts and emotions during the trip, and how out of context her intrusive thoughts were despite the context of her surrounding. Naima Elbouihi explored a sustainable approach in order to achieve these bright vivid hues. She used crushed Murex shells she found during her travels, and used these pigments to explore colour proportion throughout her collection, in correlation to the fluctuation of moods she experienced during her trip after she had experienced a loss.

Naima Elbouihi’s approach throughout her project was both illustrative and abstract. Her early development work explored photo collages as she aimed to depict a dystopian theme that showcased the ‘randomness’ her intrusive thoughts has a result of her OCD. These collages and illustrations displayed the sense of distortion and confusion she experienced during her travels and how this was heightened even more after her own personal experience of loss. Naima Elbouihi explored body painting as a way to immerse herself into her painted backgrounds to symbolise a sense of loss within herself amongst the chaos around her.

Naima’s final collection displayed a hand rendered approach as well as incooperating digital elements throughout her collection. Naima often explored colour proportion throughout her illustrations and created a juxtaposition between the bright playful hues, and the context of her illustrations. She believed the hues within her work depicted her exterior to society, whilst the illustrations showcased the complexity and difficulties surrounding her intrusive thoughts during her trip to Morocco.

Naima experimented with screen printing onto newsprint over coloured backgrounds as a way to explore patterns throughout her illustrations. In addition to this she explored portraiture as a way to explore a sense of identity in her collection, before deciding to immerse herself into her final pieces.