Naomi Findlay is a Scottish fashion designer based in a Glasgow, graduating from Heriot Watt University this year. Her style is about fun with the combination of bright colours and quirky patterning. Family and heritage is something she is very proud of, making this an obvious choice as the core inspiration for her collection. Her main design focal points are responsibility and diversity. She feels by combining a happier, more diverse fashion industry with more conscious efforts towards what we are producing means less waste and a happier planet. Adding an upcycling technique to her collection was very important to her as she wanted to show how easy and rewarding this style of garment construction really is, giving otherwise neglected fabrics a new lease of life.

Her main techniques are print and knit. The knit has an unusual, obscure technique adding to the relaxed sense the collection has. By combining this with the busy, contemporary prints and its colourful colour palette it makes for a very vibrant and exuberant display, something that exudes her design style well. She enjoys taking more traditional elements and seeing how she can manipulate/ experiment to add her own twist onto them. With her final collection Naomi aimed to shine the light on travellers as an otherwise shunned community and bring a more inclusive feel to the industry. Her collection is a true portrayal or her heritage she feels so passionate towards and design style.