Natalie Sit’s womenswear collection ‘Modern Chimera’ is forged upon women’s empowerment. The concept is inspired by her Chinese culture, fairytales and mythical creatures. Chimera is a definition of a thing which is hoped for but illusive or impossible to achieve. In modern-day society, women are giving an idea that is almost impossible to achieve, but we are constantly playing so many roles in our lives. Seeking and being our definition of what a woman should be.

During the design process, she is using the architectural structure as a silhouette inspiration to provide a masculine touch on the womenswear’ collection. Natalie developed her conceptual couture pieces by juxtapositioning different fabrics composition, contrasting soft and hard element of the fabrication. Representing the masculine and feminine feature, the structural and soft silhouette. For the collection, Natalie has styled with a different bag, belt and hat accessories making the look more accessible and offer a more edge and character to the collection. Combined inspiration from the silhouette of Chinese architecture into structured garments and using the concept of a women’s femininity.

The collection has a strong and powerful theme, portraying the women wearing each piece to feel comfortable and in control. Using contrasting colour palette, hard and soft silhouette to embody the representation of the beauty and personality of the women; masculine and feminine. Each piece has a detailed finishing and pattern cutting. Natalie’s designs demonstrated a modern feminist twist where the female can be the prince charming and princess to her own fairytale.