With a keen eye for detail and authenticity, Nathalie Nijk is a recently graduated Textile Designer based in Scotland, although originally from the Netherlands.,/p>

Until Summer 2021, when Nathalie was pursuing her BA(Hons) in Textile Design at Heriot-Watt University, she had always been focused on how to incorporate illustrative storytelling into unique fabric designs.

The storytelling of this particular collection is inspired by a phenomenon called ‘Cabinets of Curiosity’, which were private collections from 1600-1800 that were the predecessors of our modern museum collections. They consisted of all kinds of curious objects, and they were designed to make their viewers think about life, spirituality, religion and the interconnectedness of nature.

With a prominent focus on printing her fabrics by hand, Nathalie explored various techniques such as dyeing, hand-steamed discharge printing, reactive dye printing and hand painted details like foils to further enhance her fabric prints. Her collection also used the up cycling of garments by directly screen printing on top of charity shop finds, or embellishing them by hand sewing her screen printed fabrics to the garments. .