For this project, Natsuki titled her collection ‘Hairy Fairy’. She was inspired by how we treat our body hair. She had a doubt about the fact that large number of people shave their unwanted hair and why it became ‘unwanted’ in the first place. She also realised our senses of value of body hair have not changed for a long time, and our pursuits of smooth and fair skin have been accelerated. She has been questioning this ingrained sense of value.

She started off with looking at body-hair history for this collection. We are the naked living thing of the world, having shed most of our body hair long ago. In history, millions of years back our ancestors had a hairy body. Over the course of human evolution, a coat was substituted for fur, and having a smooth and fair skin became one of the elements of beauty. She was surprised this sense of beauty emerged in 30,000 B.C., and hairlessness subsequently became considered a status symbol during the Renaissance period, and the mode of sleeveless dresses accelerated our addiction of hair removal.She has been questioning this embedded sense of beauty, and has imagined beauty of hairy body through her drawings and collages.

She feels it is time to break away from existing sense of beauty. She hopes her hairy fairies will create a conversation with people on the topic of questionable existing senses of beauty and wants people to celebrate their own unique bodies. ‘Creating own sense of value and accepting others will bring a better world’ she said. As for its construction, since all garments consist of small squared pieces, she could create the collection with no fabric waste (other wastes were documented).