Ephialtes. Inspired by a mental state, Sleeping Paralysis reflects the combination of childhood’s terrific dream and nightmare, resulting in  the beauty within that frightening journey.

NATTA Ephialtes collection combines together the deconstructed trench coat with loose tailoring details, oversized pockets with the elegance of 1900’s inspired drapery silhouette, yet with modern approach and the digital prints of the face with minimalistic straight stitch embroidery that evokes the elusive childhood. The stitching on the embroideries inspired by the used of thin lines in artworks about human’s mind, emotion and their alter-ego by Daeyhun Kim.

At NATTA, we source out fabrics and trims from the premium local stores in London and Bangkok aiming for the exclusiveness in craftsmanship to always be delivered to the NATTA’s customers. We work with many artisans, dressmakers and tailors that specialised in both modern and classic techniques and reinvent them to create our original finishing, construction and sartorial details. Therefore, our garments can only be produced in limited amount as they are carefully made within local studios.

NATTA Bangkok Studio is where the ideas are being turned into collection. We study from the vintage garments and rework on them to create our original aesthetics. We aim to make the product-life durable and always design with the concern for material wastes. All our leftover materials will be returned to other invention in designs in small goods such as wallets, belts, gloves or donated to the local dressmaking schools. Always Embracing the classic silhouettes of uniform wear so our products are elegantly functional. We take influences from architectures, cultures and artisans and bound them together. The essential components of NATTA are the loose-tailoring details and refined shapes, elegantly unusual finishing with contemporary approach.