Niamh Coughlan is a young designer with a range of experience from a variety of different design studios. She is looking to bring modernity to more classic styles and shapes with influence coming from personal background and experience.

Based in London and raised around her strong Irish roots, her family heritage connections can be seen clearly throughout her creative career. The concept of her collection follows that which combines 3 main elements, them being: an homage to her parents’ hobbies when growing up, her Irish heritage, and the marriage of all these together.

These elements can clearly be identified through design as her design ethic has always been to design with intention. Through looking at her family’s wedding garment archetypes, traditional shapes, and silhouettes that are associated with both equestrianism and rugby she has attempted to marry all of these together in order to create new designs that reflect what she is trying to express which is her love for her heritage and the graciousness.

She is grateful towards her parents for always supporting her through her passion within the arts, using her skills to repay them in the way she knows best. The essence of the collection can be felt through the poem which embodies it written specifically for Le Chéile by Patrick Mullins.