Babacar graduate collection ‘Faces’ was influenced by looking trough the 1930‘s history. The rise of Hollywood and Cinema, which was before that time, saw many stars rise to fame such as Marlene Dietrich & Greta Garbo. Also, Fashion has been sorted with a clear separation between daywear and evening wear. And many of the dresses we still design to this day originated from the 30's with the rise of Fashion designer Elsa Schapparelli whose design spoke volumes when highly inspired by a flair for surrealism and trompe l'oeil effect as well as the use of vivid colours such as shocking pink.

Later I have explored the Fast Fashion phenomenon and how the industry is so pollutive of the planet as well as human resources.In fact, garment can get a better consideration and respond to the need of the costumer even for a lifetime if it is well made. therefore if the style and beauty expressed in a piece is very unique it and if it is made with an intention to reach out to those who can appreciate a masterpiece, then this slow Fashion, like I like to say, can eventually reinstate the idea of a well made piece that is worth investing in.

II wanted then to explore the Transformational Cutting Technique which consists of drawing on a sample garment and then use the drawn lines as new pattern pieces. This complex technique definitely involves working on each piece in a very unique manner which does not allow engineered grading because the pattern pieces are different from the usual pattern we know. Therefore the idea of working on each piece using that technique is what I want to explore because I am confident it will lead out to a special />

I have thought to put a face on the dresses to invite the watcher to get in intimate encounter with the garment and at the same time covered the model's face in order to reinforce the idea that the garment is what to be watched. Also, drawing inspiration from Mrs Schiapparelli penchant for trompe l'oeil effects and surrealism I have enjoyed placing my faces in a clever and visually interesting way. And this is the result so far, I have selected the top 10 looks from my design development.