Nick Bergisch owner of HOUSE OF BERGISCH graduated with a collection named ‘LE ETANG DE LA LIBERTÉ’ this collection was inspired by the Renaissance painting from Jheronimush Bosch (a dutch painter around 1500) ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’. During this pandemic his muse, Julia von Platz was locked in her castle Schloss-Bensberg, Bergisch-Gladbach. This is a province where the family name has come from. For his collection Bergisch used the left panel of the three paneled painting. In this painting there are a lot of bible stories, Bergisch focused on the pink pound. An art piece in the centre of the fountain.

This couture house would like to apply the regular standards that are known in Paris. This young designer would like to develop couture in a modern way. At least 45% percent of the population could afford couture in 2025. This couture house would operate with modern techniques as, 3D printing and CLO3D this will adjust the process of embroidery. Also the house would use reduced fabrics from a fabric store in Arnhem, The Netherlands. During this process there was COVID-19, for the designer it was not possible to collaborate the process of CLO3D and did a lot of try outs with a ‘DIY’ 3D printer, but the designer decided to focus for his graduation project on the designs and branding. The collection will be developed in April 2021.

Because the collection was always on the planning after COVID-19 had faded away the collection will go in development. By hiring this season an employee the designer could learn how to explain the collection to someone else. By using sampling and developing the designer created a 12 looks collection.

These are all the looks that I have drawn for the collection to give an overview. Last year I have focused on selling ready-to-wear clothing, cause during the pandemic people had to stay home and didn’t had any type of event to get dressed up. I have followed a minor branding, where I have learned to the customers needs. I am looking forward for the future when there will be hopefully events organized, so I can develop the craftsmanship again.