Nicolas Rademacher is a Los Angeles based designer, whose work involves a multi-disciplinary approach to fashion. He recently completed a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and is currently developing more pieces for his ‘Digital Couture ’ collection.

Binding the intricacies of craftsmanship with the pioneering spirit of innovation, Nicolas Rademacher blurs the lines between art and design. Celebrating an inclusive approach where collaboration creates community, Rademacher integrates diversity and queerness into his work as second nature. 

Fascinated by the ever evolving Digital landscape, His work utilises emerging technologies such as 3-D printing, laser-cutting, and computer manipulated graphics to create contemporary pieces of clothing. He is always exploring the intersection between cyber and organic to showcase the dichotomy between found objects and imagined realities. This symbiotic relationship between two opposites is something he continues to explore across the entire breadth of his work.

With zero fashion experience, Nick taught himself to sew, source fabrication vendors, use digital programs to fabricate dresses, and create his own collection. His most recent dresses will soon be featured in an upcoming DAZED photo book shot by Ella Snyder. He also won an international design competition, sponsored by ID magazine x Gucci, based on his“Digital Couture” submission.