Nicole is a Greek designer/maker based in London, recently graduated in MA Material Futures at Central Saint Martins. Her main focus is seeking more sustainable methods of working that revisit crafts heritage, explore different materials and techniques with a green edge, and propose new design applications. As a designer, she constantly challenges the status quo. She wants to design not only for the present but also for what the future will be. During her studies she explored the intersection of crafts, science, and technology in diverse projects. Her final major project started when she found herself in isolation due to COVID-19 where she had time to rethink her process and unpick every aspect of her beloved craft, that of pottery. By identifying the harmful aspect of carbon-heavy and energy-consuming kiln firings she started exploring alternatives to the current production of ceramics.

Her project BacTerra proposes the use of the biomineralisation process to create ceramics that do not require kiln firing and are biologically solidified and glazed. By providing a making technique where ceramic waste and bacteria are her main ingredients, she hopes to start a conversation about the promising possibilities of biotechnology within pottery.