My concept consists of using the posture of pious people in attempt to show the physicality of religion through cut and silhouette containing praying positions, rituals and holy iconography.

To convey the personal anguish of individuals within sacred spaces, I used symbols of genuflection and flagellation by incorporating kneeling and bowing stances that create bends in the body. Controlling the fabric around the joints allowed for both draped and fitted areas that mimic figures praying. This is intended to show the solemn nature of worshippers when seeking redemption.

The body is considered in the the way that it occupies the clothing making the essence of the wearer detectable within the garment even when unworn.

Monastic rules of chastity mean that the body has to remain concealed. However, this collection highlights the absence of layers and reveals glimpses of flesh.

The styles lean towards more modern standards of dressing with elements of sportswear that are used in conjunction with ecclesiastical vestments. The garments acknowledge the rules of the church whilst dismantling its roles and limitations.

Traditions of the church are worn into the silhouettes of the garments in attempt to document the changes that occur with repeated use./>