Nicole Pinborough is a 2021 graduate from Central Saint Martin’s BA Textile Design course, and whilst there she specialised in knitted techniques. She is proficient in domestic and industrial knitting, hand knit and crochet, and is a talented natural dyer. Conscious design is at the core of her practice; from using natural, biodegradable materials, to repurposing old yarns and discarded objects, she aims to always put sustainability at the forefront of her designs.

For her graduate collection, INSIDE AGAIN, Nicole was inspired by the structures found within her home. Her work examines how knitted textiles can be used to diffuse light and cast ‘decorative shadows’. Informed by the change light undergoes during the day her colour palette focuses on tonal blues and pinks. Utilising transparent yarn alongside naturally dyed fibres creates a juxtaposition between opaque and translucent, which can be manipulated to cast patterned shadows when the textiles interact with light. Nicole imagines these fabrics as a range of statement light fittings, made from repurposed second-hand photo frames and leftover yarn.