Nikita Abbot’s collection was inspired by recognising the beauty in fragile moments in personal growth as this is where spirituality cultivates. Nikita’s first source of inspiration was The White Painting by Michael Buthe as it signified this fragile beauty with the rags falling off the frame work. Nikita took this to symbolise the frame is what holds us up as our core morality during those fragile periods. Nikita was also influenced by the idea of transparency as this also symbolises fragility. Assisting her fabric choices as she chose to use linens, muslins and cotton lawns for their transparency but also their structure in their weaving.

During the process of merging transparency with the rags falling off the frame, she developed a keen sense in the art of draping. Inspired by the interesting shapes in The White Painting she looked into the Japanese pattern cutting technique called Nyokitto as this embodied fragile message she was keen to represent. She started off by replicating this technique on the stand in various different proportions. Layering these techniques combined with the natural drape of fabrics started to form some interesting silhouettes. Alongside this she started to manipulate the interesting shapes The White Painting had made and chose to replicate these to inspire print and pattern. Once she had the motifs she then began to layer and manipulate the hues of certain areas to create soft blues and terracotta colours.

The collection has a unified theme of community running through each design decision. The muse for this collection then went hand in hand with the trends forecasting choice she had made. As due to current climates becoming more sustainable and rehabilitating our spirituality has become a must. Therefore wanting to return to natural way of life will become more important. !This facilitates! a sense of belonging within our own little community’s as more people want to take care of one another.