Niamh Kerins began the process for her graduate collection on an exploration into queer culture. Drawing on a variety of elements, her collection formed into a collision of drag queens and cowboys. Fascinated by gender identities, she enjoyed the idea of mixing the masculine notions of the wild western ranch life, and blending it together with the hyper femme, showbiz elements, related to drag queens. Other aspects of the collection were influenced by the Tarantino film, ‘True Romance'. Looking specifically at the female protagonist, Alabama Whitman, Niamh was inspired by her sense of style and attitude and went on to name her debut collection after one of her quotes taken from the film.

The process of this collection began with the juxtoposing of fabrics, combining luxurious chiffons and silks with tough leathers and suedes. playing on the notion of feminine and masculine textiles. Niamh went on to look at vintage source pieces of classic cowboy clothing in which she was able to explore construction techniques, sillouhette shapes and specific detailing elements. From here, she began thinking how she could take these ordinary, workwear clothes and add an element of drag queen showbiz to them and therefore, classic tassels and fringing became elongated dripping diamonds, and appliques and embroidery designs were embellished in swarovski crystals. During the process of combining traditional menswear with modern streetwear, Zhang developed her streetwear range by merging different fabrics such as luxurious jacquard fabrics with rich stripe textures, representing the beauty and power of the movement of dancing.  For this collection, Zhang has designed five different handmade bags to elevate each look to offer her collection additional characteristics. By incorporating traditional Japanese clothing Zhang merges East with West by showcasing hoodies with capes representing the straw hat in traditional Japanese outfits, she has successfully removed the boundary between contemporary and traditional wear.


The collection has resulted in a chaotic clashing of colours and textures. Creating daring and bold looks. it’s safe to say that these garments are all showstoppers in their own right. Niamh has created unique and individual garments for those who want to stand out in the crowd whilst feeling fabulous. Ready to party and have fun, this is a collection for anyone and everyone who wants to feel sexy, soft, or strong!