Ningyao Zhang, an up-and-coming fashion designer from China, has been studying Fashion Design for three years now. She recently graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree at Kingston University and is now in the process of starting her Master’s Degree at the London College of Fashion.

She revealed that she feels very lucky to have had a three-year long studying experience at the university. “during these three years at Kingston University, I have learnt a lot, not only design skills but also design concepts [such as] making a 2D design work into 3D. I always feel that I am making a story when I am doing a design,” Ningyao shared.

Feeling very happy with her course and tutors, she explained that they helped students to develop stories and gave them enough free developing-space to help them become confident with each step. After studying in the UK for four years, the designer discovered that her interests lie in bringing the traditional Chinese culture to modern fashion design and learning more about fashion photography and styling.