Nitya Anand’s graduate collection ‘I belong’ was influenced by her trying to explore the sense of belonging. Nitya wanted to create a collection that both represented the distortion of the body as well as mock the beauty standards that we force onto ourselves. She wanted to use the art of embroidery and combine it with her love for creating shapes and a play on volumes. Her collection is based on a black and white colour palette with a bright tonal contrast.

Using embroidery, pattern cutting and graphic prints Nitya has created a black and white collection with a hint of colour. Nitya started her process with primary research where draping and contouring led to ideas of silhouettes. Making collages and keeping the idea of a distorted illusion in mind, she followed the path of creating outlines of the body and distorting them to form an illusion so as to show the body in the right places and also conceal certain parts in order to create a flattering silhouette.

The initial idea was to print on the garments but due to the lack of facilities during lockdown the designer ended up embroidering the garments with yarn which led to an outcome that she was extremely satisfied with.
This is Nitya’s final collection line up. Due to the pandemic, the designer was only able to create looks one and two of her collection, but ideally would have liked to create the entire lineup. The collection would predominantly be created in neoprene, mesh and felt. Combining textile techniques such as printing, quilting and embroidery.