Nowshin Prenon’s recent collection of Design & Make exhibition ‘Land & home’, explored the history of the build environment & sculptures dotted around Wapping, her local area in London. She was incredibly drawn to the still structures and their grand scale, which seem to reflect the times we now find ourselves in of a national & global lockdown. While exploring she gathered waste materials locally that played an important role in her design process. The materials she chose gives a sense of warmth, a feeling she associate with home & her tactile environment. Her experimental use of materials, such as resin & paper, have added the desired unexpected touch.

Nowshin used various techniques for her sketchbook development such as mix media, collage, mark making, 3D & creating texture with found material form her research to build a strong connection with her work. These processes generated further design development in her collection. She used a range of techniques to demonstrate her skills in 2D & 3D design. As part of her research she has gathered natural material form wapping area for dyeing her yarns and materials. Due to lockdown, she had to experiment at home & use what was available.
Nowshin has developed her ideas in photoshop, textural experimentation by hand, through photography and more. Nowshin also tested paper yarn in various ways by using casting, off loom techniques, machine knitting to explore her ideas in 3D form.

Nowshin’s Design & Make collection is mix of both knitted and woven ideas that can be applied to both interiors and fashion. During the lockdown she has created these collections. Every piece is constructed from paper yarn and other natural material such as wool and linen, which has a strong connection to her research.