In Nujoud Oweis’s final collection, she is transported to the world of historians, the world of cabinets of curiosity. Ever since she was a girl, the beach town in Jordan has been the biggest source of inspiration to her. Collecting different objects and treasures with her grandmother, observing all the beautiful colours and textures and truly witnessing a world of utmost wonder.

Sustainability being a very important aspect in her designs, Nujoud aimed to up-cycle these often overlooked found objects, yet what I she sees as true marvel. When digging deeper into the origins of such objects and how they were discovered, she stumbled upon a book on the cabinets of curiosity, and she was hooked. The immense appreciation towards nature and creating pieces of art from these natural discoveries is something she resonated with.Therefore, her ideology for this project aims to preserve such incredible species to continue this storytelling of science and history through the form of art and design, and at the same time preserving her childhood memories through using the objects she collected throughout the years.

Each piece created for this collection depicts the ongoing love story between man and nature. Moreover, using leather and pearls as her main materials alongside these beautiful found treasures, Nujoud has introduced the juxtaposition of luxury and nature. This has become her main passion throughout the years; turning overlooked natural beauty into luxurious designs through the lens of accessories.