Nursen Aksu’s collection was heavily inspired by the pandemic and the negative implications that isolation would have on our mental and emotional health. Touch deprivation is a major issue that keeps us feeling seperated and unworthy however, within her research, Nursen came across haphephobia (the intense fear of touch) and realised that not everyone can access touch easily and/or calmly. In response, the designer created a series of customisable and tactile wall art outcomes in which, consumers within their home, would be able to arrange pieces according to their taste and touch satiation needs.

During the initial stages and with lockdown restriction, Nursen was taking print inspiration from the Bauhaus movement as well as furniture and stationery around her working space. She also experimented with heated fabric manipulation as a way to transform textiles and provide them with tactile properties.

The collection overall, unifies concepts of peacefulness and empowerment through the used of familiar shapes, soft colours but more than anything, through an alternative way of approaching health.