Olivia used her abstract photography as the key development when it came to designing her collection. By capturing the uncontrollable reactions triggered during physical and chemical changes she aimed to use her photography to spark a vivid colour palette, pairing pops of citrus tones with translucencies.

Initially inspired by David Mcleod’s 3D digital illustrations that represent movement and fluidity. The synthetic surfaces in Mcleod’s abstract compositions used in the IBM Outthink campaign illustrate the transition between different states of matter such as liquids, solids and gases. The idea of distortion emerges as surfaces combine creating an entrancing visual experience.

Olivia combined advanced processes and materials such as silicone, laser cutting and vacuum forming; alongside intricate hand embellishment and embroidery. Whilst being experimental it was essential to Olivia to produce a collection that reflects opulence, intended for a high-end niche market for fashion and statement accessories.

Developing a multi-media approach within her work, Olivia focused on highlighting the contrast between hard versus soft and matte versus shiny by combining advanced processes/materials such as silicone, laser cutting and vacuum forming. Whilst being experimental it was important for Olivia to produce a refined collection that she believed to be a fresh and innovative challenge within embroidery and digital print.