Cyberpunk depicts a world of high tech and low living. It is a world full of contradictions, prosperous societies and run-down neighbourhoods, Rich enterprises and poor refugees, empty outdoor and small indoor space. What i am very interested in is the combination of virtual and real cyberpunk. When human beings can upload their consciousness to other spaces.

The Lorax by Dr.Seuss tells a story about a town where there are no natural plants at all, and people have never seen natural plants before. A boy Ted finds the seeds, Truffle trees and plants in this town. I really like the setting of the town in the movie. The air is not free, the plants are balloons and electric and the food is artificial jelly. All natural products have been replaced by fake ones. Nature is technology. This is completely different from the environment in which human being depends on. Yet, human can still survive in such an environment. Sampuru is Japanese food replication technique. Manufactures made these food replicas in plastic, and displayed their mouth watering offerings in restaurant windows. These replicas are exactly the same size as the real food.These food replicas are strange and indifferent to me because food has a shelf life, and food replicas keep food in its best condition forever. This idea of being fake and eternity reminds me of life in the cyber punk world, where food might last longer and they always look bright and pretty like they’ve just been cooked.

Otaku Room - a young person who is obsessed with computer or particular aspects of popular culture to the detriment of their social skill. Otaku culture and instant ramen are normally connected as the convenience of instant noodle can save people time in cooking and provide them with more time to enjoy themselves in the virtual world.

I put my sachets of instant noodles and vegetables on scanner, with the clear background I could observe the detail. After arranging the noodles and crystals on the scanner, I wanted the composition to feel jewelled. I arranged the composition on purpose. The noodles overlapped each other, creating a surprisingly layered effect.