The concept for the graduation collection 2020 is a benevolent bird in Persian mythology and literature, which initially inspired Oroy during her trip to the ancient city of Bukhara (part of the Silk Road). Through her research she found a manuscript by Sufi poet Farid ud-Din Attar - ‘The Conference of the Birds’ which illustrates a marriage of poetic and artistic imaginations through vivid and lively colours, majestic lines, curves and space. The inspiring story about this poem is that all the birds of the world are gathered in order to find their sovereign, the legendary- Simurgh and that each bird represents a human fault which prevents human kind from attaining enlightenment. In the end, only thirty birds make it to the abode of Simurgh, the birds learn that they themselves are the Simurgh; the name “Simurgh” in Persian means thirty (si) birds (morgh).

“They eventually come to understand that the majesty of that Beloved is like the sun that can be seen reflected in a mirror. Yet, whoever looks into that mirror will also behold his or her own image.”

The interesting story of Simurgh is related to human being and everyday life and that is exactly what makes the collection stand out, because it can be emotionally related to anybody.