For this collection, Patrick Garvey explored the constant movement and travelling he experienced as a child. He took inspiration from key memories he experienced living around the world merging them together to create a collection which identifies his memories into garments. One key feature that flows throughout this collection is the inspiration he received from the ocean which is where his family mainly travelled around. Patrick Garvey used the shapes and textures of coral and seaweed to embody his his childhood memories of growing up by the ocean. Furthermore, he also explored the impact of his home city of Liverpool on his style, therefore researching into the Beatles and also the fashion sense which is individual to Scouse people.

This garment was created during my muse project, which looked at two individuals that I idolise. These being Solange and Hannah Hauxwell, I researched in depth into their way of life and how the world around them has inspired them to be as authentically creative as they are. For Solange I listened to each of her songs on the album ‘When I get home’ and translated the lyrics and beats into sample ideas whilst, I took inspiration from the landscape of Yorkshire which surrounded Hauxwell. This led to the creation of this look which is completely knitted using textures and colours of Yorkshire whilst taking inspiration from Solange’s style and music.

This project was based around the borderline between male and female within the traveller community. During this project I explored how masculinity and femininity are clearly separated entities within traveller culture. I used my garment to merge the two together exploring how fluidity would look in the traveller community. This led to the garment presented where I exaggerated the lapel in order to show how the importance of the male suit shape for the embodiment of masculinity for traveller people. Whilst the rest of the garment explores the importance of ceremonial gowns for traveller women such as weddings and holy communion.