With a background in Textile and Fashion Design, Paula I Martin recently graduated in MA Material Futures at Central Saint Martins, London.

Since her early beginnings, Paula has always shown interest in the value of crafts and locally sourced materials for creating new products. As a designer, she is driven by her awareness of a world increasingly polluted by the rapid and unsustainable production of goods for temporary consumption. For this reason, she is constantly exploring the creation of unique and meaningful pieces in which the process of making and the storytelling behind the concept are the key elements.

Textilised Traditions is a narrative based textile project, where she tries to implement sustainability from a broad point of view. Firstly, she is trying to give value to waste that has been collected locally. The process of treating this material requires very little energy and is mostly chemical-free.

Paula is also very interested in cultural sustainability. Her project aims to enhance the importance of safeguarding traditions and heritage in order to maintain the identity of communities in an increasingly globalised society.