Looking at the relationship of the body and clothing , my work seeks to use menswear almost as an didactic tool, through providing experiences in the sensations that are, in fashion, mostly reserved to the universe of womanswear.

Recently graduated from the MA fashion at Central Saint Martins where I directed my gaze back at Brazilian culture, reminding myself what I do and what I don’t miss from home. further exploring gendered performances which is always been at the forefront of my research.

Growing up in brazil the need to perform masculinity, all be it for safety, pleasure or desire, has shown to have been a key parameter in the construction of my aesthetic sensibilities.

In the narrow paths in which we still are allowed to explore our gender identities the conflict was set up: how do I respect my sense of identity while allowing myself to enjoy the freedoms of a fluid gender identity, which we all long for. The collection talks about the idea of carnival in the way it allows for exploration and self-discovery within Brazilian culture. In a country drenched in religious moralism, carnival is a day off from guilt. A proof that freedoms are allowed and can be understood.