I am from South Korea. I have lived in Korea for almost entire of my life, but I had lived in Minnesota, USA when I was just about 10-12. It wasn't that long, but it really impacted on my perspective about Asian men in the context of western society and different racial, cultural landscapes. From the very early age, I've been used to physically being in different areas which have totally different cultural landscapes. I naturally get interested in seeing same things in different contexts.Throughout 2 years of studying at Royal College of Art, it has become my strong identity in the work process in general.

The title of the collection is "Where are you from? _ Representation of my generation'. Throughout the process, I wanted to represent and talk about our generation and the time where we all live in. It has been inspired by my surroundings and the process of my growth. I want the collection to be not just a collection of garments but voices about this new global societal phenomenon of floating identities in this new world.

I've done this collection with 4 of my friends who I have met in London, UK. As men who live in in London and all have diasporic identity, we shared our stories and personal opinions giving each other a sense of belonging. Although we have gone through different things to become a person who we are right now, we share similar stories about ourselves. I believe we are endlessly trying to understand who we are and where we are standing in this world where the question ''where are you from?' became old-fashioned and pointless to ask.

It is all about communicating with these guys making representations of ourselves. Anyone who can identify themselves with the stories or understand can be my hero. Through the collection, I wanted to make the people feel personal to the clothes and comfortable in the community we stand for. As a young designer who's speaking and representing my generation. I want to be more brave and responsible about what I'm speaking and trying to talk about.