The aim of this collection was to explore how a societal issue, in this case, the perception of men, can be translated into a menswear collection supporting the emotional side of men. The topic of masculinity in society and the stereotype of how men should behave and look has a huge connection to fashion and clothing. As a female menswear designer, Petra often challenges herself and tries to put herself in the shoes of a guy. Her friends are a big part of her inspiration.

Petra's process starts with moodboards, the creation of a design universe, deciding on a colour card, the use of a muse, fabric expressions and manipulations. During her design process, she always uses a collage sketching technique that combines draping and tracing shapes, which helps her create silhouettes and innovative cuts, and to see how different fabrics, textures and colours work together. Petra plays a lot with colour theory and the psychology of colours. She focuses on how colours work on human senses and how they can express different emotions based on how we create a colour harmony through contrast.

The collection itself resulted in having a masculine shape and a streetwear look but breaking the comfort zone of men with floral motives, glitter, more feminine and soft colours. The materials used in the collection were mainly deadstock fabrics and fabrics bought in secondhand stores. The prints and knitwear are the statement elements in collection, supporting the concept. They were developed through a collaboration with MUA and photographer Mischel Warenits.