When someone complains about having nothing to wear, it’s not that they have no clothes, it’s that the clothes they own don’t fit the person they want to portray. In Phoebe St Leger’s collection Glitched Identities, the wearer is gifted the opportunity to wear everything and therefore be everything. Phoebe’s collection is heavily inspired by the concept of having multiple identities and bringing the virtual world’s ability to express those into the real world; it imagines what one would look like if they were able to represent the complex nature of humans, it would be conflicting and confusing, a glitching identity.

Phoebe chanelled the era of the retro futuristic virtual world in her collection: the 1980s. Taking inspiration from the conflicting styling aims of that era, Phoebe spliced the feminine kick flared skirts with powerful shoulder to create the ‘perfect’ amalgamated femme and masc aesthetic. The rigidity of the real world allows only for a two-dimensional representation of a multi-faceted person. Phoebe aims to explore the link between clothing and indentity.

Phoebe worked with mens blazers and womens dresses on the stand, cutting and draping them together to create one piece. She explored the mixing of textures and patterns by using contrasting yarns, either using block colours or marling several at one time, which are working together yet against each other too.