Phoenix Li Wu’s collection “Bon appetite” is about feasting. She follows the words she once read in Nichola Fletcher’s book, “feasting is the moment, the moment when a spectacle is cut into tiny bits, and served to flabbergasted guests”. The audience are invited to witness the surrealistic parade of an unexpected birthday party, walking down by characters you cannot tell whether they are humans or food, in this immersive show that blends the real and the fake and the in-betweens. The bizarre vibe can remind the viewer of many food spectacles they’ve seen, from the feast of flesh in Pan’s Labyrinth, to mad hatter’s eternal tea party.

The six looks are designed to follow a dinner menu’s order. “The chef” is a playing card soldier made with acrylic board and screen-printed satin holding giant cutleries. “The daughter” is the starter made with stuffed sausages and vinyl printed candies. “The mother” is the main seafood dish using multiple print placements and beading to create salmon-looking illusion. Then follows the wine pairing “the gent”, featuring furry leather suit with dried-on and embroidered strawberries. The dessert is “the cake” made of glazed silicon, marshmallow and icing sprinkles and varnished meringues. “The host“ is the closing look with screen-printed and embroidered flesh silk satin and a long train topped with huge fruit bowls.