Pierluigi De Mita's collection is inspired by a space journey, seen with an ironic perspective. we all dreamed of going on a journey in space at least once in our childhood. one of Pierluigi's favorite cartoons was set in space, so it is inserted in the garments, in the form of spaceships, planets, embroidered on the finished garment. this collection has been influenced by several factors, such as those of the 80s, with regards to over lines and the use of classic wool fabrics, combined with these sports shapes. everything is linked by points of light, thanks to the use of sequins and stones, making all the garments unique in their kind.

During the creation process, Pierluigi realized that this collection initially created for men could also be worn by women.

All the garments presented the designer's workforce. starting from the concept of space, Pierluigi created conceptual leaders, each one different from the other. doing so the jackets of this collection are different from one another, abstract with some figurative embroidery. all jackets were made with raglan cut and with a wide neckline, supported by two shoulder straps made of the same fabric. the heart of the collection are the jackets, to give importance to them, trousers with a wide and simple line have been made