Pippy Downs’ collection was inspired by family heritage. This led her to initially look into Japanese culture having been born in Tokyo and spending the first five years of her life in the city. Her research began by looking into traditional Geisha’s from their clothing, accessories and print used. This then gave her the idea of incorporating print into the collection. As Japanese culture is already such an inspiration to many designers, Pippy decided to add more interest and individuality to her own collection. Wanting to mix two parts of her heritage together to create something new and exciting.

The process of combining the narrative story involved a lot of trial stand work. For collection Pippy looked at images of her childhood to help with the influence of print design and garment shape. The shape of the kimono was important alongside draping the illusion of a Trapeze ribbon around the body.

The collection is made up of six outfits. All of which are coordinated with original Japanese inspired print. The garments all compliment one another and represent the Geisha on her travels to run away to the circus. Displaying all her Trapeze equipment wrapped around her body on the journey.