Drawing on her initial theme of magic, she expanded to a more abstract approach as her work progressed. Focusing on elements such as transformation, distortion of reality and secret knowledge allowed her to express her research in a more individual way. Graduations in colour, obscured patterns and glitches all contribute to the illusive mood of her designs. The concept behind her final outcomes were that they were talismanic fabrics, with specific protective elements woven into their design. It was important for her to capture the sense of mystery from her research while creating a collection that was still sophisticated and new.

Inspired by the arts, history, materials and my surroundings, Poppy is particularly intrigued by the heritage of textiles and how to translate this in modern culture. In her work she explores the relationship between textiles, witchcraft and the idea of weaving as a form of code or language, using both jacquard & dobby looms.

Her collection was inspired by the idea of magic and superstition. She references many historical and cultural traditions associated with magic as the link between craft and superstition is so strong. Her research gave her a wide range of influences to draw from when developing the aesthetic and concept behind this collection and inform decisions in her designs. For Poppy, this kind of marrying of visuals with conceptual knowledge gives substance to a project.

Initially compiling a catalogue of rituals, symbols, myths, folk customs, superstitions and traditions allowed Poppy to organise the hundreds of references she had found through books and museum visits. Creating her own experimental collection of magical artefacts, she used these objects as a starting point to explore colour and texture combinations and create a mood which she then refined to form her aesthetic.

Her use of materials has been key to translating Poppy's research into my designs; their distinctive qualities are what has allowed me to achieve individual effects, evoking unsettling materials like bone and hair but in a more sophisticated way. Taking risks, such as cutting into samples and using experimental dye & resist techniques has been a rewarding and effective tool for achieving striking fabrics.