As a pattern cutting specialist, Poppy enjoys working on the stand with fabrics to create a silhouette, to understand the fit, structure and drape of a fabric to compliment the technical pattern cutting side. She gravitates to pattern cutting as a way to develop designs and understand technical processes in an organic and thorough way, enjoying the problem-solving aspect of turning complex designs into flat patterns, and creating a clear strategy within tech packs of how a garment will be constructed.

She is deeply passionate about social and environmental justice, and found that being stuck at home in a pandemic she could use her work to push conversation and bring more awareness to causes.

As her concept grew stronger Poppy was able to make more informed decisions to the garments in this collection. Combining this very personal and deep narrative with a passion for historical military garments, she began her research into archive clothing and the role of women in war. Poppy was inspired by an anti-blackout suit worn by pilots to protect them from the effects of G-force, which includes a built-in boot, this is where the influence for the stiletto comes from and what led her to designing a full footwear range for this collection, alongside the compression suit and compression trousers with shoes built in.