The capsule Autumn/Winter 2022 gender-neutral outerwear collection is set against an utopian future based on 1980’s aesthetics. A reaction to the continuous virtual collaboration currently seen as a solution to the recent pandemic it re-imagines a modern warrior who co-exists in a virtual landscape (metaverse) as well as the physical world. Tech-leisure looks are a key point of the collection paired with upgraded loungewear. Digital prints using foil with imagery from 1980’s Album art, iconic music idols, vintage pilot, space suits and avant-garde clothing create nostalgic memories associated with the era. This collection involves in-depth pattern exploration in combination with different types of printing techniques, embroidery, hand dyeing and sequin work. The combination of different textural fabrics plays a major role in this collection.

Digital Fantasy This colour story draws inspiration from the virtual worlds and comprises of dark neutrals accented with softer shades. These tones on high shine will offer iridescent escapism.

This collection is for a modern-day warrior that exists simultaneously across connected realms: the physical and the metaverse. The #metaverse is a shared global virtual space that can be roamed widely where history will merge with modern technology. Merging the physical, digital and virtual worlds, the consumers of this universe can exist as who they are or take on a new persona through the use of 3D digital design by creating an avatar.

Merchandise is often hyper expressive physical products that are marketed as a virtual copy first or can be digital-only assets. Therefore products are either physical or completely virtual for avatars. This never-ending digital content is kept interesting by the merge of nostalgic elements of the past.

Print Development 1980s music marked a different direction for pop music that is more bright and synthesize driven, which was reflected in the decades' album art and was, in turn, the main inspiration for the prints of this collection combined together with inspiration from tesla sparks and miniature thunderstorms photographed by Marc Simon Frei and barcode artwork by Kent Sollenberger. Different types of digital foiling techniques, print methods, embroidery and sequin work were utilized to bring the artworks on fabric to another level.

Design Development of the main silhouette of the collection drawing inspiration from the work of Kansai Yamamoto (1980) and Comme des Garcons and detailing inspired by vintage pilot clothing.