Qi Wu found inspiration for her collection through quirky, chunky objects from all over the world and was captivated by Kintsugi, an ancient craft skill. On her travels, Qi would buy different items in a variety of countries and would use them to decorate her living spaces. She then decided that if these items can be used to decorate her house then why shouldn’t she use them to decorate herself and give them multiple purposes. Qi Wu didn’t like the idea of old things becoming abandoned. The potential and fascinating aspects of certain items can be discarded so easily in the rapidly developing modern society that we live in.

While browsing through a second hand shop for example, she found numerous objects in perfect condition. The story behind the objects may vary, but for her, they are real treasures. Qi Wu would then observe the colour, shape and textures of her items, which then led her on a path to furniture and interior designs in the 1970s, where they would use bold fabric patterns and colours.

Combining her research of the 1970s with todays over consuming modern society and the abandoned objects she had collected from charity shops, Qi selected the unique aspects of each, allowing her to journey on to a creative path of design.

She then used the concept of kintsugi to combine these elements together and repeated the procedure several times to come out with the unique jewellery. Through these means, the value of the materials has been increased, not only because of the careful dealing of plastic but also saving the life of discarded materials.