Qimin Chen’s graduate collection ‘Meteorite and Nebula’ was influenced by The apparent contradiction of dense metal and extreme light- ness. Qimin wanted to create a collection that both used texture and geometric elements which show off her personal design style, as well as her love for innovative metallic technologies. Her collection is based around a colour palette of mainly greyish colours.

Applying special casting and bezel setting techniques ,collection ”Meteorite and Nebula” is hand crafted by Qimin Chen in her School workshop. By using laser machine, the very thin gold and silver strip was able to wrap the aluminium gently without overheat the inner materials.

Different Elements are arranged interestingly in order to imitate the Nebula and Meoterite ‘s texture, shape and colours. While playing around different elements Qimin created several methods of making different textures in school’s workshop.

This is part of Qimin’s sketch of the “Meteorite and Nebula” Collection. Due to the corona virus pandemic, Qimin was only able to make several of them into real pieces, and would of loved to see the rest of her collection come to life in the near future.