Qinglin Fu’s project was heavily inspired by paper folding and fabric manipulation. The subject of transformation summarises her design process. Qinglin extracted the colours and patterns from the paper folding and then developed them through CAD for knitted fabric design. And then she experimented with deconstructing garments and manipulating toiles to explore how to achieve the truly versatile style of clothing.

Qinglin showcases some works from her fabric collection. She used the Domestic machine and made her own punch card pattern, as well as used double bed industrial knitting machines and SHIMA SEIKI knitting machine.

Qinglin manipulated her fabric design on the mannequin and explored the different ways to wear.

Qinglin is interested in sustainable design and supports slow fashion, which is the reason behind her multi-wear clothing project. After researched the market and lifestyle, she experimented with the structures of multi-wear clothing.

Qinglin extracted the elements produced in the experiments and developed the new silhouettes by making toiles and manipulated toiles on the mannequin.